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I firmly believe that art contributes positively to many aspects of life, this is the reason why I try to encourage and expand the benefits of art and colour

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Details of artwork "Be Free, magic life at Fernhill Park Dublin 18"

ROW Art Design encouraging Art and creativity to children

Arts, cultural participation and interaction with nature leads to a range of positive outcomes for people and their self-esteem, wellbeing, relaxation and learning.

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We use visual art in combination
with different disciplines.

Mix media painting, art and chromotherapy, design new products and projects for human well-being


I like to use bright and energetic colors in my paintings.

Art and

"Color is light, and light is color" And each one vibrates at a certain frequency. Colors contain energy, information, characteristics and attributes. They can help us on different levels (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical), to heal, elevate ourselves and improve our quality of life.

Product & Pattern Designs

Color Patterns is a sample of different color shapes made in watercolor and ink.

Art contributes positively to many aspects of life. The majority of stimulus on a day to day basis are visual Colour is light and light is energy that can influence us. This is one of the reasons why I try to encourage and expand the benefits of art and colour.

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Hi, thanks for visiting my website.

I am an international visual artist living in Dublin, Ireland.
For as long as I can remember, art, creativity, and bright energetic colours have been a part of my being.

I like to use visual art in combination of different disciplines; such as: art therapy, product design, mix-media painting, teaching arts and crafts incorporating recycling material, and creating environmental and human well-being projects.

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Full image Blue goldend Earth
Fairy lights world